Shawn Yue breaks silence over his relationship

27 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Shawn Yue has broken the silence about his on-off relationship with Kary Ng through a message on his Instagram account.The actor, who has come under fire for his taste in women after the media broke the news about him being an item with Kary, has asked for some privacy with regard to his love life.According to a report on Asianfanatics, Shawn's message from Tuesday (Feb 26) read:"I know that everyone really cares about me, and also really wants me to share my life and feelings with everyone. But I like to handle everything outside of work low-key. People who like me should know that, and I also hope that people respect my decision! Furthermore, I would like to tell everyone that I have not deleted any messages. Whether it is good or bad, I have not deleted a single one. Finally, thank you to friends who support me and care about me!" This development comes off the back of fans from both celebrities' camps attacking the other idol after Shawn Yue and Kary Ng's on-off relationship was exposed by the media.Despite being seen travelling to London together, the pair had chosen to remain mum about the situation until Shawn's post yesterday. It remains to be seen if Kary's efforts -- after she was reportedly the one who sought to mend the relationship -- will be acknowledged by either herself or Shawn.

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