Sexy Makiyo makes a comeback in Malaysia but fans seem unimpressed

22 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsLast February, Taiwanese-Japanese entertainer Makiyo and her friend, Takateru Tomoyori, physically assaulted a taxi driver, Mr. Lin, after he refused to drift race the car upon the pair’s request. Mr. Lin sustained serious head injuries and rib fractures. The assault was recorded on video by a traffic camera. Police authorities immediately arrested the pair after the tape was submitted.Originally sentenced to 10 months of prison, Makiyo pleaded guilty, and her sentence was reduced to three years of probation. The actress-singer later pleaded in court that she was under the influence of alcohol. An out-of-court settlement of 3 million TWD was later reached with Mr. Lin.Makiyo finally made a comeback last Friday, January 18, after nearly a year out of the entertainment scene. She performed three of her hit singles ‘“ “Care for Me Forever‘ , “Wake Up‘, and “Say You Love Me Everday‘ for a show in Malaysia.The reception was underwhelming. Despite wearing a revealing, low-cute lace dress while dancing and singing at the same time, the audience reacted dully to Makiyo’s breathless performance. There were many awkward silences in between dance numbers, and no one came for Makiyo’s aid when she forgot some of her lyrics.Makiyo, who earned 300,000 TWD for her 15-minute performance, expressed that she would donate all of her remunerations to charity. She expressed that it took her a lot of courage to return to the industry after the amount of pressure she had to face from the public after the drunken assault incident.The 28-year-old also announced that she has plans to release a full-length album in the coming months. She is also looking forward to enter the mainland Chinese market. Putting the past behind her, Makiyo will now place all of efforts in her music career, hoping that she will return to the industry in a fierce comeback.Source: Oriental DailyRelated stories:Makiyo mini-concert and after party @ AvatarSexy Japanese-Taiwanese singer wows crowd at AvatarMakiyo charged with assault after taxi driver beaten up, sent to ICU

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