Sexy Japanese model Mitsu Dan promotes Safe House in skimpy lingerie

28 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Rocketnews24Japanese model Mitsu Dan appeared at the Hotel Ibis in Roppongi, Tokyo to promote the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the 2012 American action film “Safe House‘, known as “Dangerous Run‘ in Japan on Dec 17.After taking the stage wearing nothing but black boots, a narrow tube-top bra, and a mini skirt pulled down to reveal a skimpy black thong, Dan proceeded to “promote‘ the movie by rubbing the DVD all over her underwear. Dan’s appearance seemed to have little to do with the actual film, but photos of her posing seductively with a DVD wedged in her panties understandably spread across the Japanese internet soon after, bringing the event far more attention that it would have likely received otherwise.Shameless? Yes. Effective? Even more so.During the press event, Dan referred to herself as “Dangerous Dan‘ and answered a number of “dangerously‘ revealing questions about herself.For example, when asked which of the two lead actors she would rather date, she pensively replied, “I’d like to make out with Ryan Reynolds while being spanked by Denzel Washington.‘Incidentally, the film was rated PG-12 when it was released in Japan earlier this year. We have the feeling this press event would have a difficult time securing anything lower than R.See more photos of Mitsu Dan promoting her own “Safe House‘ in the gallery below.

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