Settling down? Raymond Lam and Karena Ng don't even have time for each other

11 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

It has already been over two years since Raymond Lam’s “BB” confession of romancing Karena Ng.   
Although they will be hitting their three-year anniversary soon, the couple show no means of settling down or even slowing down their work output, still putting their careers above anything else.

Raymond, who was filming the Chinese drama Department Six, injured his leg while shooting the series in Hengdian World Studios and was admitted to the hospital.

Karena shared that Raymond is recovering well and thanked the reporters for their concerns on his behalf, reports Jayne Stars.

“He’s almost fully recovered, but there’s a high possibility that he could aggravate an old injury, so the doctor told him to not do too much physical activity,” said Karena.

With their busy schedules, both Raymond and Karena rarely have the time to see each other. Karena is currently busy with the filming of Ip Man 3, and will soon be engaged with the shooting schedules for the comedy action film, Bounty Hunter, which also stars Korean actor Lee Min Ho.

Although Raymond has returned to Hong Kong and is almost done with his schedule for Department Six, Karena revealed that Raymond is currently preparing for his upcoming album and has no time for a break.

“We did get to meet each other, but not for a very long time,” said Karena.

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