Selena Li goes 'man hunting' at nightclubs after break up

31 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Since ending her four-year relationship with ex-boyfriend, Patrick Tan in 2009, Selena Li has been romantically linked to TVB colleagues Kenneth Ma, Kevin Cheng, and Edwin Siu.However, the rumours turned out to be false. When Selena discovered 38-year-old Patrick may have secretly married 22-year-old Katy Kung last year, Selena said jealously, “He’s advancing in age and it’s time to get married! I am still looking for a good man!‘, reports Jayne Stars.Incited by her ex-flame’s marriage, Selena suddenly became a frequent patron of nightclubs. Despite busily filming The King Boxer with Kevin Cheng last month, Selena went to nightclubs every Friday night and wore mini-skirts during her 'man hunting' trips. On one occassion, Selena wore a mini-skirt and sunglasses at the celebrity-studded Tazmania Ballroom in the Central district. The entire night, Selena had her eyes on Xuan Mo. Although Selena's pool skills were not bad, she threw her body on the pool table to show off her figure. Captivated by Selena’s bold behavior, Xuan gazed at her intensely. The pair hugged and started dancing together. On another occasion, Selena appeared at the Tazmania Ballroom again. Wearing a mini-skirt and revealing her black bra straps, Selena was 'attached to the hip' with Terence Yin both inside and outside the venue.

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