Selena has a 'douchebag' ex: Guess who?

11 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Selena Gomez has been uploading dance videos with a very clear message -- at least, Justin Bieber's fans think so.Two videos uploaded by Selena Gomez have put fans of Justin Bieber on edge.One shows Selena and friends dancing to the tune of Taylor Swift's song 'I Knew You Were Trouble', while the other is more direct -- a song entitled 'Everybody Knows (Your boyfriend is a douchebag)'Check out the lyrics:Your boyfriend is a douchebagAnd everybody knowsYour boyfriend is a douchebagYour momma told you so.You know he’s got somebody on the side, girlAnd the way he talks to us is a sinHe just keep sinnin’ on..I really think it’s time girlYou quit defending himThe videos have sparked a war of words on YouTube betweens fans of Gomez and Bieber, over who owes the other a bigger apology.Related Stories:Bieber's grandparents want him to apologise with free concert Selena Gomez laughs at Bieber's misbehaviour Justin Bieber argued with his mother over book cover Bieber hospitalised after collapsing on stage in London

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