See how different stars look without their double eyelids

8 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Looks like netizens are again fascinated by the thought of beautiful celebrities not having double eyelids.According to an article in Soompi, recently, an online community forum posted a collage of various celebrities titled “The Power of Double Eyelids.‘A netizen, with much time on his or her hands, collated pictures of Korea’s representative beauties and photoshopped out their double eyelids.Most responses from netizens were base commented that besides Won Bin, everyone else looks vastly different from their pre-photoshop faces.What do you think? Do they look better with or without double eyelids?Photos 1 to 8 show these celebs being photoshopped without their double eyelids, while the rest of the gallery shows Korean stars who looked vastly different after they became famous.

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