Secret's Hyosung think she's hotter than these Kpop bombshells

12 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

During a recording of KBS 2TV's quiz program, '1 Vs 100,' sexy solo artist, Hyosung, made an appearance and talked about lingerie modeling. 

She said with honesty, "It bothers me when I see other girl groups do lingerie modeling. The previous model was Ga In and the one after [me] was Yewon; for Ga In, I attentively saw how her shots came out before, and even when it changed to Yewon, I ended up looking to see in what style the [pictures] were taken."

The MC said, "Among Ga In, Hyosung, and Yewon, who do you think has the best body?"

Hyosung continued being frank as she said, "The standards are different for each person.  For me, it's me..." showing some shyness.

According to allkpop, she then made everyone laugh by saying, "It should be time for the advertisers to come back to me..."

The episode will air on May 12.

Photos 1 to 21 show Hyosung's new MV which will leave you all flustered, while the rest show earlier pictures of her.

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