SBS apologises for showing smiling reporters at Sewol ferry site

23 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

SBS has issued an official apology on airing footage of smiling reporters at the Sewol ferry scene.

On the 20th at 10AM, SBS aired their news special on the Sewol ferry sinking. The reporters at the scene interviewed a marine, reports allkpop.

However, right after the interview was conducted, SBS aired the reporters smiling and laughing with each other. The reporters were laughing for about 5 seconds before they were told that they were still on air and stopped smiling.

SBS explained, "After the live broadcast, the reporter was talking about other things with the other reporters while they were preparing for the next broadcast. The segment where the reporter was getting ready for his next segment aired by accident by the broadcast manager who was in charge of the outgoing feed."

They then explained, "Even though it was technically an accident, we hurt the viewers and the families affected by the Sewol sinking by airing an unfitting scene while the entire nation is grieving because of the sinking. We apologize again."

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