Ruco Chan in trouble for accidentally exposing naked couple in his selfie

28 June 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Ruco Chan has accidentally exposed a photo of a naked couple in water when he uploaded his selfie on the Facebook.

The photo was framed up behind his bed and even though the face of the man was not visible, it was suspected to be Ruco himself. The man in the photo was spotted wearing an identical necklace which Ruco was also wearing.

According to HK Channel via Asian Pop News, after the naked photo was exposed, someone immediately informed Ruco to remove the picture from his Facebook.

Ruco’s popularity is on the rise in recent years and has become TVB’s leading actor in many series.

Rumour has it that Ruco has become more arrogant and even asked for a gigantic pay raise to renew his contract. He is said to have offended many colleagues and even Moses Chan reportedly disliked him as well.

Ruco’s Response

Normally leading a low-profile lifestyle, Ruco responded angrily towards the latest tabloid report, says Jayne Stars.

He directed his response towards the media on his Weibo blog, “If this were the truth, I have nothing else to say. However, this has happened countless times and I really can’t stand it anymore. I just want to say one thing, please have mutual respect for each other.”

Angered by the report that tried to undermine his years of hard work, Ruco added, “Although I don’t [come forward] to clarify the matter, it doesn’t meant it’s true. It also doesn’t mean I’m afraid of trouble. A senior and friend told me that when the entertainment news features you, it just proves you are newsworthy.”

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