Ruby Lin criticized by producer -- and what he says will leave you speechless

15 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Source: Jayne Stars

When Mainland producer Yu Zheng (于正) openly expressed his dislike for a certain Taiwanese actress, many netizens speculated that he was talking about Ruby Lin (林心如), who recently received a surge in popularity since the broadcast of The Way We Were <16個夏天>.

Although Ruby challenged Yu Zheng to come forth with his hate and explain the meaning behind his cryptic messages, he continuously uploaded ambiguous posts on his Sina Weibo account.

Unable to stand Yu Zheng’s hurtful comments, many of Ruby’s fans retaliated against Yu Zhen and left angry messages to defend their idol. In response to the unpleasant comments left by Ruby’s fans on Weibo, Yu Zheng then uploaded a a post insulting both Ruby and her fans.

Yu Zheng wrote, “From the quality of the fans, you can tell what type of character the idol is. Good idols would guide their fans in terms of their speech, be a good and positive role model for them and not use them as weapons as a way to release their anger.

It’s important to know that some fans are not adults and they become rash and hot headed a lot easier. 

As public figures, it’s inevitable that we say the wrong things and make mistakes, but it’s important to keep it in us and not encourage others to spread it around! Hate and love are just feelings – don’t make it into a bigger deal than it is if you’re not guilty and get to the point!”

Evidently feeling helpless about the verbal argument on Weibo, Ruby did not want to continue the argument with Yu Zheng.

Ruby wrote, “People need to grow up and face the complicated world. We can’t control everything and other people.

Our own happiness is the most important. I will not take the rumors to heart and take part in unnecessary arguments!”

Ruby Lin
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