Roy Chow allegedly threatened to kill wife and daughters despite restraining order

29 September 2014 / 2 years 4 weeks ago

Earlier this month, Roy Chow was given a restraining order after being violent to his wife, Yu Chiu. It has been barely a month and Roy Chow is involved in another case again. This time, he has to appear in court once more, after allegedly threatening Yu Chiu.

The prosecution's case reads that the defendant, Roy Chow (30 years old) sent messages through WhatsApp to Yu Chiu at around 7:30pm on the 23rd of this month, despite his restraining order.

Roy is suspected of sending messages to Yu Chiu last Tuesday (Sep 23), saying that he would kill her and their two daughters. He also threatened to commit suicide.

Afterwards, he even caused a commotion at Ah Yu's parents' home where she has moved back to and requested to see her, reports Asian Universe.

Her parents declined his request. Angered, Roy scolded the two seniors using swear words. The Chiu family felt afraid, so they called the police. After the police arrested Roy, he requested that he be sent to the Tuen Mun hospital.

Roy was supposed to appear in court yesterday for the case in Tuen Mun. However, before the court session began, the prosecutor was suddenly notified that Roy was sick and had stay in the hospital for observation, and hence, could not appear in court.

The judge questioned Chow's lawyer on how he was feeling unwell. The lawyer said that he hasn't had the opportunity to see Roy yet, and so has not been able to get any instructions from him.  The judge has pushed the case back to the 3rd of next month, or an earlier and more suitable date next week.

Roy did not appear for his arraignment yesterday morning due to an illness, but because of the prosecution's request, Roy has to be locked in a cell block.

At around 3:30pm in the afternoon, he was accompanied by four security personnel from the Hospital Authority, two police officers and a medical care personnel for his transfer from Tuen Mun hospital (with no custodial wards) to a custodial ward in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where he can continue being supervised by police.

When Roy was pushed out of his ward, he wore a surgical mask and closed his eyes. There was only a medical professional pushing his bed.

When asked if he was sober, Roy opened his eyes wide, confirming yes. The whole time, reporters asked if he regretted his actions, If he knew threatening his wife would result in going to jail, if he had a fever, if he had anything to say to his wife and daughters, as well as many other questions. He did not reply. 

Because his two hands were under his blanket, it could not be seen whether he was handcuffed. However, the police tied a metal chain to Roy's waist, possibly as a sfaety chain in case he lost control of his temper.

Roy Chow
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