Rope snaps during Kelly Chen's rock-climbing scene

6 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Kelly Chen Wai Lam attended a Marc by Marc Jacobs party two days ago. Earlier, Kelly worked with Tony Leung Ka Fai and Dior Cheng Yi Kin on the new film TOH MA GEI (HORSE ROBBERY BIOGRAPHY) in Prague.

Speaking of Leung Ka Fai's rib injuries from a motorcycle scene on the first day of the shoot which resulted in him having to resign from a TVB series, Kelly said that she was not present at the accident, reports a Tvbnewsworld article. 

"As soon as I got off the plane I heard about Ka Fai's injury and I was scared out of my mind. However he was very professional. He rested a day and continued the shoot. As soon as he moved I would panic, as I wanted to properly protect him. Yet he still risked his life on running scenes. I could only tell him not to take too many risks."

Aside from Leung Ka Fai's injury, Kelly almost had a serious accident during an indoor rock climbing scene. "When I was rock climbing I had a safety harness. As I was descending after the shoot, the rope suddenly snapped and I fell to the ground. I was very scared!"

Luckily, Kelly was only a meter off the ground and she had safety padding below her when the rope broke. She said, "Mine wasn't as severe as Leung Ka Fai. I immediately presented incense sticks and prayed!"

She said that fortunately, the rock climbing shoot was already done when she had her accident. Will she increase her insurance policy then? She replied, "It's useless, I can only take all the safety precaution and use a few more ropes."

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