Risque graduation dance recital poster shocks netizens in Korea

13 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Chunbok National University's Dance Department recently released what some consider to be a rather risque poster for its upcoming graduation dance recital.

In the poster shown above, 17 female students and 1 male student pose half-naked, reports allkpop

The students have their backs facing the camera, with the women covering their breasts.

The poster is a hot topic on social media as people are sharing the image out of shock.

Netizens' reaction are not completely negative, however, as some find the poster image humorous while others believe that it reflects a general statement regarding an artist's struggle in society.

Comments include, "The guy is like: (quotes the national anthem, 'Aegukga')

'Until the East Sea's waters and Baekdu Mountain are dry and worn away, God protects and helps us. Our nation, hooray!'",

"I hope that the public doesn't google the college students out of perverse curiosity.

Then the Chunbok National University Dance Department really has no future…," and,

"The fact that just a picture of the dancers' half-naked backsides makes headlines is our society. This shows the part of society in which dancers, including artists, earn an annual income less than 3,000,000 million won (approx. $2,736 USD)."

Whatever the reason behind this poster's design, Chunbok National University has commented, "The recently published poster is not the official poster but one of the drafts."

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