Revealed: Kenneth Ma's conversation with reporters when caught driving home girl

2 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming (馬國明) is still single and has been dubbed as 'man of god' since he and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) ended their relationship, but recently Ma Ming was introduced to a Shanghai rich girl named Tsui Kai  Kei (徐佳琦). She is also known as 'little Cathy Tsui Chi Kei'.

According to an article in Asian E-News Portal, a magazine (好報) exposed 40-year-old Ma Ming going out on dates with Tsui Kai Kei, whom he met two months ago. Although there is a 14-year age difference between the two, it was reportely love at first sight.  

To keep their love relationship low-profile, Ma Ming has recently been driving his car to an old building area in Tsim Sha Tsui to pick up Tsui Kai Kei. According to the magazine (好報), reported August 17th, Tsui Kai Kei appeared dressed in a floral short dress.

She was first seen meeting up with one of Ma Ming's family member, then the two went shopping at a nearby shopping mall. Tsui Kai Kei seemed absent-minded throughout her shopping.

In less than half an hour, someone with Ma Ming's car arrived at the mall entrance. It is believed that Ma Ming organised someone else to pick up his date and was driven to a restaurant in Tai Koo. As night falls, Ma Ming's family member left after dinner, leaving the two to have their sweet date. The two had their romantic date until late at night and Ma Ming later was driving back to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Reporters spotted Ka Kei was in the car and went close to take photos of the couple. When the camera lights flashed, the two was frightened with a stunned expression and Ma Ming was seen pointing at something. He was giving signals to reporters not to take photos, as his girlfriend seemed frightened of the sudden appearance of reporters.

Ma Ming tried to avoid the reporters by driving in a different direction. Firstly he directed the reporters to Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok Ho Man Tin Yu Garden.

However, he could not avoid the reporters and reportedly came out from his car to confront them. Below is his conversation with reporters at the scene:

Ma: Ma Ming  R: Reporter

R: Girlfriend?

Ma: This girl was introduced to me by my friends. Today there was 4 people who went for dinner together. After dinner, I drove two friends home and now I am driving her home.

R: Why are you trying to avoid us?

Ma: She is really frightened. You have really frightened her. She told me to keep driving.

R: How long have you known each other?

Ma: (Stuttering). We knew each other just recently. My friends introduced her.

R: Is there a chance of a relationship development?

Ma: You have just frightened her. Do not really know!

R: Would it be better if you revealed the relationship?

Ma: er........You have frightened her like this. You appearing suddenly have really frightened her!

R: Where will you to two be going?

Ma: I want to take her home. This is the second time we went out together. Just then you saw other people with us too!

R: Why not take a photo together now?

Ma: You have really frightened her. Take one when there is another opportunity!

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