Reporters ask Samantha Ko's parents to comment on her rape scene

7 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Groove AsiaSharon Chan, Samantha Ko and artists attended TVB's birthday party for January birthdays. Sharon felt embarrassed and didn't want to reveal her age, but she laughed: "I'm over 30! You guys can probably guess!" Currently in a stabled relationship, Sharon frankly expressed she and her boyfriend still has no plans to get married: "Not this year! Maybe in 3 years!" She expressed her birthday wish this year is to buy a home and rent it out.Ko Ling (Samantha) expressed she's been troubled by negative news lately. She said because of all the stories from her rape scene in Friendly Fire, the media has been disturbing her family. She said emotionally: "There were reporters waiting outside my house and asked my parents to comment! I have old and young in my family, it's dangerous!" She frankly expressed the exposure level from that scene is her limit. She said: "Actually it's just necessary for the plot, but it became such a big deal. I really can't find a boyfriend now!" 

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