Remember this pretty boy? It's shocking how he looks like now

12 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Actor/singer Kim Hyun Joong recently revealed his determination to shed his ‘flower boy’ image.

On January 9, at a press conference for KBS’s upcoming drama “Age of Feeling,” Kim Hyun Joong said, “Previously, my ‘flower boy’ image really stood out, but in this drama, I really went for a more macho look. I feel like I’m learning about masculinity when I’m filming. I’m 29, and I think I’m becoming more mature.”

According to a Soompi report, Kim Hyun Joong plays the fierce fighter Shin Jung Tae, known for his exceptional speed and agility.

“Age Of Feeling” is a new romantic noir that tells the story of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese ‘romantic fists’ in the 1930s, shot on a grand scale with intricate action. The first episode will air on January 15, and will follow the end of “Beautiful Man,” which seems fitting.

Browse the gallery to see what Kim Hyun Joong looks like now and then, as well as other celeb transformations over the years.

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