The reason a French man took off his shirt and jumped into the lake for this TVB actress

3 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Jeannie Chan, Moon Lau, Grace Chan and Stephanie Ho became good friends after filming the series, Raising the Bar. 

Recently, Jeannie and Moon went to watch movie together but without the sight of Grace and Stephanie. It turned out Grace was filming new series, Blue Veins in Netherlands for 10 days and had many scenes with Kay Tse.

As such, they took many photos together and went for sightseeing as well, reports Asian E-News Portal

As for Stephanie, she was enjoying her holidays in France and returned to Hong Kong not long ago.

When mentioned she could not watch movie together with them, Stephanie said:

"I wait for Grace to return. (All four are good friend?) Yes and they won in terms of the number of messages."

When asked about Jeannie was confused and got lost in the carpark, Stephanie defended her and said:

"We are almost the same. I accidentally dropped my phone in the lake when walking around in France and a kind-hearted man removed his top and jumped into the water to find my phone after waiting for 10 minutes."

Check out the photos of their trip in the gallery below. 

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