Raymond Lam spotted spending Valentine's Day with Karena Ng -- in Japan

14 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

After TVB actor Raymond Lam admitted to dating 19 year old actress Karena Ng, the couple have taken advantage of being able to be together in public by going out on dates -- and even a trip overseas to spend Valentine's Day.Oriental Daily reported that a netizen had sighted the couple awaiting a flight to Japan from the airport in Shanghai, and snapped a photo of them before uploaded it onto Weibo. The photos shows the two dressed in a couple's outfit as both of them wore shades, along with a sweet smile. When the media asked Raymond's manager about his whereabouts, she said that Raymond was on vacation now but she was unsure who he was going on holiday with.Meanwhile, Karena's manager said that she will not get into her client's businesses.Raymond frankly expressed he does not hope to have a high-profile relationship, no wonder he and Karena had to secretly go to Japan to celebrate their first Valentine's Day; Last year, Kate had both fame and profit, in the Snake year she hopes to further develop her career in the film and television scene and collaborate with more seniors; This year, Mandy hopes to create sparks with her new partners and bring a refreshing feeling to audience; Rebecca revealed she has already set up meetings for new year greetings with friends.

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