Raymond Lam has no time to marry Karena Ng

23 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago
Raymond Lam says he "has no time" to marry girlfriend Karena Ng.
The couple are often apart due to work and Raymond says that work is "most important" to him now.

MingPao reported that Raymond insisted that he “has no time‘ with several projects onhand.
Although he barred Karena from visiting him in China due to the spread of the H7N9 bird flu virus, Raymond will take extra precautions in sanitizing and cooking his meats thoroughly as he continues working in the mainland for the next several months.

After 3D wuxia television drama, Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou, completes filming in June, Raymond has a new project lined up immediately.

Often separated long distance due to work, Raymond and Karena cherished their time together.

A photo of Raymond and Karena at a large gathering had circulated online, and the couple was believed to have gotten secretly married.

Asked to clarify at a recent Luk Fook jewelry promotional event, Raymond said that the photo was taken at a friend’s dinner party.

“I know everyone cares about me very much, but I don’t want to talk too much about my personal matters.

Work is most important now.

‘Raymond also hoped that the victims of the Sichuan earthquake are able to rebuild their homes quickly.

With the death toll rising to 200 people and, 11,000 missing, the relief efforts are closely watched by the public.

Many celebrities have already donated cash towards the disaster recovery.

Raymond cheered the disaster relief teams for their efforts and hoped that the victims will be able to resume normalcy soon.
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