Raymond Lam forks out S$161,000 to go away on birthday trip with GF

9 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Raymond Lam (林峯) and Karena Ng (吳千語) spent nine days touring Japan while celebrating Raymond’s 34th birthday on Dec 8.

According to a Sudden Weekly report via Jaynestars, the couple were spotted easily by locals and reporters even though they tried to avoid the public’s eye.

This Japan trip reportedly cost over HK$1 million (S$161,400), which came out entirely of Raymond’s pockets.

He was claimed to have asked for a ten-day break from his commitments in China in order to have as much time with his girlfriend as possible.

In the afternoon of Dec 2, Raymond and Karena were spotted checking in separately at the Hong Kong International Airport to dodge the media.

Upon arrival at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, the two checked their surroundings and made sure reporters were absent before holding hands.

There, Raymond reportedly checked into a Grand Deluxe room at the St. Regis hotel that featured the hotel’s best facilities, reportedly costing over $4,000 HKD per night.

A fan also came across Raymond and Karena shopping avidly and taking photographs. The fan shared: “Raymond wore sunglasses and a face mask. It was hard not to see him.

"He was carrying at least four shopping bags, and two of the bags were full of electronics.

"I think Karena may bought the latest beauty equipment.”

Although Raymond was said to have paid for all the trip’s expenses, Karena was claimed to be the one who planned the itinerary and chose the accommodation.

Knowing her boyfriend loves seafood, she surprised him with a delicious crab dinner at a restaurant located in the Dotonburi area. After spending three days in Osaka, the couple boarded a bullet train to Tokyo, where they continued their crazy shopping.

In a recent interview, Raymond expressed his desire to have children since he is in his thirties. “I don’t want to have a huge gap [with my children].”

Furthermore, he believes it would be ideal to have both a son and a daughter.

When Karena was questioned about marriage, she replied Raymond is the right man.

The couple’s remarks led to speculations that a flash marriage may happen at any moment.

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