Is Raymond Lam fighting with his TVB mentor to force his exit?

20 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Rumours that Raymond Lam (林峯) is leaving TVB may contain some truth considering how the star seems to be burning his bridges in a not-so-subtle fashion.

Although both TVB and Raymond himself have remained vague about his future at the company, latest reports seem to suggest that Raymond has distanced himself from his long-time mentor, TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲).

According to an Oriental Sunday report carried on Jaynestars, some sources even claimed that Raymond was intentionally rebelling against Ms. Lok by ignoring her phone calls and publicly aligning himself with the management company his girlfriend, Karena Ng, is under instead.

Raymond was claimed to be upset with TVB ever since he lost the TV King title at last year's TVB Anniversary Awards, and even threatened at post-awards interviews to return to his family's business.

Currently, he seems to be focusing mostly on his side projects like his music career and filming projects in China.

Most recently, Raymond also volunteered to guest star alongside Karena in her upcoming film produced by Raymond Wong Bak Ming (黃百鳴), who is Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) box-office rival during the Lunar New Year film race.

On Sep 14, Raymond and Karena made a high-profile appearance at the wedding of Raymond’s son Edmond Wong (黃子桓) and Carmen Cheng (鄭嘉敏), who is Karena’s manager.

The two arrived at the event together and attracted much attention at the event where they also happily posed for many photos together.

Virginia Lok also attended the wedding though she was seated far away from the happy couple. Despite being at the same event, Raymond reportedly ignored Lok.

A source suggested that Raymond may have behaved in such a manner on purpose to annoy her. The source stated: "Virginia Lok has always disapproved of Raymond dating Karena. Plus, Karena is an artist under Raymond Wong’s company. Ms. Lok wanted Raymond to maintain a low profile to avoid generating noise for Wong’s company.”

Other sources also revealed that Raymond has become distanced from his own manager as well. “Mother Candy (Raymond’s manager) doesn’t like BB (Karena) because she comes in between the two and manipulates Raymond, causing [Raymond and Candy]‘s relationship to deteriorate. Raymond has always planned to start a company with Mother Candy, but [after all of this] he may change his mind at any minute.”

Besides his manager, Raymond also allegedly had plans to recruit good friend Kate Tsui (徐子珊) to join his film production and talent management company.

A source revealed, “Raymond and Kate share the same manager. They are very good friends. Raymond wanted her to join his new company, and Kate agreed to signing with him after her contract ends.

"However, Kate seems to have had a change of heart, saying now she wants to remain at TVB. She feels that it is more advantageous to stay at TVB (due to a lack of competition to the TV Queen title).

"This development has messed up Raymond’s plans, so of course he is angry!"

Kate seemed unaware of Raymond’s future plans when reporters reached out to her regarding these allegations. When asked if she is hoping to win the TV Queen title by staying at TVB, Kate said: “I have said this to Ah Gor [her nickname for Raymond] privately, I will stick with Ms. Lok no matter where she goes because she really watches out for me!”

Kate also emphasized that winning TV Queen and renewing her contract are two separate matters.

Reporters also contacted Raymond regarding his possible business venture, though Raymond denied the claims. When asked if he is currently in talks regarding his contract renewal, Raymond revealed that no one has contacted him for negotiations and jokingly asked if he should feel worried.

Asked if he will for renew with TVB, Raymond replied hesitantly, “I am not sure. I don’t know what my future plans are. I haven’t thought about whether I will renew my contract or not. My family also wants me to return home and help out. I will have to discuss this with my family!”

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