Is Rain the next star to be embroiled in nude photo scandal?

15 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Rain will be strongly confronting rumors regarding nude photos.

On November 13, a photo of a nude man began circulating online.

The netizen, who spread the picture, explained that it was a nude photo of Rain that was leaked out of Kim Tae Hee′s cellphone, reports mwave.

Regarding this, Rain′s agency has stated that it was completely false. Rain′s legal representative, Kim Nam Hong, told Newsen on November 13, "We′ll be filing a complaint sometime today or tomorrow.

This is completely false." "We don′t know with what intention it was released.

At first, we thought it was something to laugh over, but a surprising number of people actually believed it was Rain.

We thought that everyone would dismiss the photos, but it′s actually becoming a problem. It′s a problem because people in Japan and China will also look at it, and many believe it′s from Kim Tae Hee′s cellphone."

The lawyer continued, "It is a very childish act. We believe that [the netizen] is doing it on purpose to raise credibility.

[The netizen] even added, ′I hope it′s not.′ That seems even more malicious to us."

"If you don′t blur out the eyes in the picture, it′s clear that it′s not Rain, but we′ve come to the conclusion that the eyes were covered up on purpose.

The person doesn′t have the skill to photoshop a picture, so [the netizen] cleverly hid the eyes.

We were going to overlook the issue at first, but we decided to strongly confront this issue after believing that it was done out of malice."

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