Rain makes public appearance at military event

21 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: E News WorldSinger Rain made his first public appearance at a military hiking event, organized by the Capital Defense Command, in Seoul on January 19, since being swept up in a controversy alleging the star has been receiving extra benefits during his service earlier this month. Following the controversy over Rain and his military duties, Rain has formally requested a transfer in his duties and assignment. Rain held a meeting recently with the Defense Media Agency (DEMA) in which Rain expressed his desire to be transferred back as a regular soldier and to be reassigned to the front lines of Korea in the regions close to the tense North and South Korean border.Since the revelation of his dating status with Kim Tae Hee, Rain had been under investigation for failure to properly wear his military uniform and for potentially receiving favorable privileges during his service in the past year. At the end of the investigation, the singer received a light reprimand and probation for seven days for failure to properly adhere to rules over his military uniform but was dismissed of the other allegations. The entertainer since then expressed his regret over the incident and for affecting his colleagues at the DEMA and promised he would serve out the remainder of his military service honorably and in self-reflection.A representative for DEMA confirmed it had received a request from Rain to be transferred to the front lines but said it would begin considering the request once the proper paper work had been submitted and received by DEMA. Rain has approximately seven months left of his mandatory military duties.

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