Qu Wanting: My cat has always been there for me

23 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: The New PaperShe doesn't just adore animals, she respects them - like good friends do each other.It's evident in the way the tall, slender Vancouver-based Chinese singer-songwriter Qu Wanting interacts with cats.When the 29-year-old was in town recently to promote her debut album, Everything In The World, LOUD followed the rising star to pet grooming shop Animal Arts Academy, located at The Pet Safari @ VivoCity.She was introduced to basic cat grooming skills such as nail-trimming and hair-brushing by owner-founder Kingsly Tan."Give it a try," urged Mr Tan, handing Qu a mini nail clipper.The bilingual Harbin native acceded to his request, but appeared slightly apprehensive."I don't want to hurt the kitties," she said in English."If it's my own cat, I wouldn't be so hesitant. But these aren't, so I'm a little worried about cutting their skin."She was definitely more at ease after Mr Tan suggested she play with the cats, instead.Bending down to cuddle and stroke a couple of cute furry kittens, Qu grinned from ear to ear.The musician, who in 2009 became the first Mandopop artiste to sign on with Canadian record label Nettwerk, told LOUD that her fondness for cats had sprung from practical reasons."My apartment in Vancouver has a rule that forbids residents from keeping dogs, so keeping a cat was the best option for me," she said."I've had my cat, Tiffany, for 10 years now and she has brought me so much joy."I like the fact that she is quite independent and not too clingy... She has her mood swings, which can be quite funny to witness."During her free time, the bachelorette, whose autograph session at Bugis+ mall earlier this month attracted more than 1,000 ardent local fans, loves tinkling with her piano keys and serenading Tiffany.'My Little Friend'"Once, I wrote a song for her on the spur of the moment, titled My Little Friend," recalled Qu."I had just caught the animation movie, How To Train Your Dragon, and it made me realise that I had been taking my cat for granted, which was awful of me."She has always been there for me, through my ups and downs and failed relationships... While others have waltzed in and out of my life, Tiffany has never left."With her burgeoning career in China, Taiwan and South-east Asia, Qu recently made the all-important decision to send her cat back to her parents' home in Harbin, as she foresees herself spending more time doing promotional work in this part of the world."It was the first time I was doing something like that. The 'immigration' process wasn't as easy and fuss-free as I thought it would be," she said."I had to get Tiffany to undergo a proper health check, fill in several forms, of course, buy an air ticket for her... It was pretty complicated."I'm just glad she has arrived at my parents' house in one piece!"

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