Q&A with Asia's Next Top Model winner Jessica Amornkuldilok

18 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

THAILAND - Jessica Amornkuldilok began practising poses in front of a mirror at the age of five. Last night, the 26-year-old from Thailand was crowned the winner of Asia's Next Top Model, a spin-off from the popular Tyra Banks Top Model show.My Paper caught up with Amornkuldilok to ask her about her journey.At one point in the final episode, you broke down in tears. What happened?I was super-stressed. There were three girls, but there could be only one winner... I couldn't control my tears. But I told myself if I didn't win, I would move on and still go far.How did you deal with jealousy from the other girls after four 'Best Photo' wins in a row?I think it's normal for girls to get jealous. I focused on thinking positive. Also, I kept quiet and didn't talk much. The more you talk, the more you're going to have problems.What do you plan to do now that you've won?I'll go to London for work (that's part of the prize) and then finish my studies at Bangkok University. With the $100,000 prize money, I intend to donate some to a charity for children. When I was growing up, some of my friends were smart but couldn't afford to go further in their studies. I want to give others a chance to study.

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