Priscilla Wong and Edwin Siu ignore paparazzi and exchange love messages

18 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Since Edwin Siu announced his love for Priscilla Wong last week, both have been hounded by the paparazzi.

Edwin’s ex-girlfriend Gigi Ho appeared to be bitter towards the union, forcing Priscilla to shoulder a lot of pressure in being labeled as a third party, reports ON.CC.

Although Edwin already clarified that he “was single for a long time” before dating Priscilla and that she was not a third wheel in his former relationship, the rumors persisted.

Upset that Priscilla is the target of damaging reports, Edwin lashed out at the media on his Weibo blog, “Because of the recent issues, I’ve become very tired. I hope everyone will stop hurting the one I love.

"If there are inquiries, come find me since you people tend to know where I am anyway, right?” Priscilla, who had been silent on the topic the entire time, was extremely touched by Edwin’s protective nature and declaration of love.

In response, Priscilla uploaded her own touching status, expressing her gratitude for protecting her. “I realize it now. I’m touched, and moved. You didn’t care about yourself at all. These couple of days, you’ve endured more than me.

"You said, there might not be sunshine tomorrow, but there’ll always be a rainbow after the rain, right? There are moments like this in movies too, and in reality, we’re not just the actors in the movie, we’re also the audience. Let’s be strong together.”

And the seeming mini-love exchange between the couple led the public to believe that their budding romance is finally coming to light.

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