Pretty philosophy student gives up school -- to become a butcher at Taipei night market

19 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

A pretty 25-year-old girl has stolen the hearts of netizens with photos of her working at a butcher shop in a Taipei night market.

The girl is reportedly a former philosophy student  who worked part-time at the butcher store while taking classes.

However, she chose to give up schooling to work at the butcher store, reports Viral Cham.

Many aunties and uncles who visit the store try and bring their sons and grandsons along to introduce them to her.

She has mentioned that she does cut her hands alot as the pig trotter are large.

Her family says that they don't allow her to handle knives at home.

They also praise her for being a filial and hardworking person.

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