Preparation for Chinese New Year performance leaves Wang Lee Hom sleepless

7 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Multi-talented Lee Hom Wang is no doubt one of the most hard working person in the entertainment industry, as he's always striving to perform at his best.Insiders have witnessed how hard he's been training for CCTV's Chinese New Year's Gala where he'll be performing his song, "Zodiac", which is the themesong for Jackie Chan's movie, "CZ12". Jpopasia reports that he spent at least two weeks practising to the extent of suffering from insomnia and the urge to keep improving himself. Other celebrities who will be joining theevent include Celine Dion, Yoga Lin, Ping An, Song Zu Ying and many more.The event will be broadcasted on February 9.

Hong Kong
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