Infamous playboy millionaire gets banned for life from nightclub

17 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

News about how millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian threw a naked playboy model off a roof into a swimming pool made headlines this year.

One would have thought that the man would have learnt his lesson after being in the media for the wrong reasons.

However, what he did this time proves that he treats criticism like how he treated the model.

Dan Bilzerian was celebrating his 34th birthday at a nightclub Miami when some girls tried to kiss him, reports Stoney Roads. The big man then gave a girl a boot to the face.

His actions were captured on social media, and it remains to be seen what sort of backlash the millionare will be at the end of.

Because of what he did, Dan Bilzerian was banned from the club for life.

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