'Playboy' Lawrence Wong fell in love with every female co-star he worked with

24 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) is best known for his role as Dr. Paul Ching from the popular TVB drama series, Healing Hands .His popularity was at the highest peak during the late 1990s to early 2000s, when he was with TVB. During that time, he filmed numerous big productions and was paired with many female artists, reported ihktv.Just like in the series, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre , Lawrence’s love life was complexly entwined with many women, reported Mingpao.Despite being unable to wipe away the image from his breakout role in erotic movie, Sex and Zen, Lawrence successfully met his first wife in Thailand. It was love at first sight, and the pair got married only after a short period of time.Allegedly, Lawrence’s Thai girlfriend suffered from major weight loss because he fell in love with another woman. Not wanting to see her health deteriorate, he married the Thai woman on a whim. To this day, Lawrence admits that the marriage was one of his biggest mistakes.Marriage failure aside, Lawrence was nicknamed a playboy because he fell in love with every female co-star he worked with. Lawrence also failed to breakup with his girlfriends at the time before starting a new relationship.This behavior was demonstrated in his infamous high profile relationship with TVB actress, Iva Law (羅泳嫻). They pair met on the set of Fate Twisters in 2002. After a period of working together, Lawrence began pursuing Iva who was 15 years his junior.Lawrence’s feelings for Iva quickly diminished after a year but he was unable to break it off due to his wavering personality.While in the relationship, Lawrence was linked with a prostitute and the gossip destroyed the image he spent years building up. After many years, Iva was able to let go of the past and said, “I was so upset to see my relationship with Lawrence on the cover of magazines back then. I thought it was ironic when I received praises for an undercover role as a prostitute in Master of Play . But this is all in the past; we’re more mature now. I’ll still send my blessings!‘Over the years, Lawrence has openly stated that he has fallen in love ten times, both with non-celebrities and celebrities. He revealed that he once had feelings for Ada Choi (蔡少芬) when they worked together in Healing Hands.Now that he is married and has a daughter, Lawrence openly shares that he does feel regretful and apologetic for his poorly-handled relationships. “I haven’t spoken to Iva in a long time, but I know she’s married now. In reality, I’ve wronged her the most in the past.‘However, Lawrence also defended the girl, he briefly liked when he was still dating Iva. He clarified that the girl was actually a DJ and not a prostitute.After many failed relationship, Lawrence finally tied the knot in 2004 with Chinese actress, Shi Yang Zi (石洋子).The duo met on the set of Shanghai Legend , and once again, Lawrence slowly fell for his female co-star. Against the odds, he dated Shi Yang Zi for three years before getting married.Now with a daughter, it was said that Lawrence even quit smoking and drinking. It has been three decades since Lawrence first set foot into the entertainment industry, and while he has suffered from many ups and downs in past relationships, he confessed that the experience enabled him learn from his mistakes and helped him become he person he is today.Check out some of the women linked to Lawrence Wong in the past, as well as pictures of his current wife, in the gallery below

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