Plastic surgery? Don't start rumours, says Cyndi Wang

6 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang, who was recently in the spotlight after her selfies showed hints of plastic surgeries, has subtly hit back at critics when she celebrated her birthday recently.

On Sep 5, when Cyndi turned 32 years old, she made three wishes during her birthday party.

For the first wish, she wanted rumours and nasty gossip to stop knocking at her door (or those who have evil intentions).

According to News QQ, Cyndi's selfie photos taken on Aug 31 got fans and netizens thinking she had work done on her various parts of her face.

It could have been a problem with the angling or lighting, but her nose looked more high-bridged, and her jaw line looked slimmer.

Her first birthday wish seems to be alluding to the rush of gossip and allegations to her rumoured plastic surgeries.

Cyndi Wang
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