Plastic surgery? By2 sisters admit to doing something else instead

22 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

The singing duo from Singapore is not new to accusations of plastic surgery.

Recently, photos of the By2 group that comprise of sisters, went viral online after side-by-side comparisons show them looking vastly different from when they first debuted.

Netizens commented that their eyes were larger, jawbone sharper and nose bridge unnaturally higher.

At the launch of their own fashion label this year, Double Tree, a photo they posted online sparked plastic surgery talk yet again, but a glimpse of what one of the sisters said may be their explanation for their new look.

According to, the younger half of the duo Yumi admitted to editing that particular photo with photo-editing apps, which resulted in the sisters' unnatural look.

She also admitted to being a fan of these photo-editing apps.

What do you think? Plastic surgery or merely photo-editing?

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