Photo of Changmin and Jaekyung in cookie game attracts attention online

24 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

The recent episode of KBS’s “Our Neighborhood’s Fine Arts and Physical Education‘ that was aired on April 23, featured training exercises to increase players’ core strengths.According to an article in Ohkpop, the exercise included a set of sit-ups and sharing a cookie in the shape of a stick with a designated partner.A photo from the television show showing DBSK's Changmin and Rainbow's Jaekyung has attracted much attention online.As DBSK’s Changmin and Rainbow’s Jaekyung played the game, it first appeared to resemble a scene from a love variety show. However, Jaekyung was startled when she approached Changmin’s lips and dropped the cookie.This happened for a few times, making members of the audience laugh. The emcee of the night Kang Ho Dong commented, “We hoped these two idols would develop romance from this game, but I think they now feel awkward with each other.‘ Photos in the gallery show the awkward cookie moment, as well other candid moments of K-pop stars.

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