Petite 18-year-old girl wrestles 3 men at Kampong Ubi CC

18 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Taking out three heavy men in the wrestling ring is no easy task - especially for a petite 18-year-old girl.
Last night, Republic Polytechnic student Lee Xin Yi was seen attempting to do just that, reports The Straits Times.
Spectators cheered as she dodged blows from her much bigger opponents while trading dropkicks, cross-body blocks and headlocks.
Ms Lee is the only female out of the 13 athletes who grappled in front of a 300-strong crowd at Singapore's biggest professional wrestling event to date.
The sport is a combination of physical prowess and theatrical performance most famously associated with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
Despite the apparent mayhem, the contestants are not really injuring each other. Winners are predetermined and moves are meticulously choreographed.
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