'People will complain if I wore bikini on TV': Ella Koon

13 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

On Wednesday (Jun 12), Ella Koon was on Chik Chak 903 for a radio interview. She had just joined Warner, and revealed she's been busy preparing for her new album.There, she also expressed interest in continuing her work with TVB.She said she's actually been in discussion with TVB all along."I hope to be in a series too. I'm not qualified to (rescue TVB from bad ratings), but actually since my debut TVB has given me a lot of opportunities, reported Oriental Daily."Although I'm not a 'biological daughter', I still got the leading roles in three of the series I was cat in and the response wasn't bad. It was pretty much 'in the house', so I hope to continue to be 'in the house', I don't want to get kicked out of the house." She also mentioned that she wants a breakthrough role in future, adding: "I really want to try a costume drama. I haven't been in one before, so I want to try something new. You can call me Genghis Khan if you want!"Asked if Ella will take the series if there are rape scenes? Ella laughed: "Don't rape me! I'm so scared! (What about wearing a bikini?) I'm afraid people may complain. (Your figure is too nice?) I don't have much of a figure."

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