Paul Wong threatens to kill his father for abusing his mother and wife

24 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Beyond member Paul Wong, 49, had always had a hot tempered personality. Since he became a father, he still hasn't put his 'fire' away.

Paul grew up in a single parent household where he and his father lived together, and he once mentioned having a good relationship with his father in an interview. However, the father-son relationship suddenly took a 360 degree turn.

Yesterday morning, Paul suddenly wrote on his personal Weibo: "Dad please forgive me, alcohol and women aren't big issues, I can tolerate it, but you beat my mother, you took a vegetable knife and tried to chop her. That time, my two brothers and I were just eight to ten years old... you practically pushed all the blame to my mother.

"I've continuously hoped you would treat mom better, then mom would forgive you. How great would that be! Unfortunately, you just live in the past tiny bit of light. Even if mom made mistakes, she was still the woman who gave birth to your three sons. When I talk to you, all you do is blame mom for everything, why do you always say mom should just go die earlier? Do you want her to die?" 

According to a report on Tvbnewsworld, the most shocking was when Paul implied that his wife Athena Chu had also experience violent threats from his father.

On Weibo, Paul cussed out his father and warned him: "Dad, you know? I really respect and hate you. If you weren't at an old age, I would have given you a real good beating. If you dare to hurt my family again, I will kill you. I possess half of your genes, but I call them garbage genes. If you want to beat my mother and my wife again, I'm afraid I may turn into a father murderer. I really have no other choice but to tell the world." 

Once the "Murder Father Vow" came out, there were 200,000 fans commenting on Paul's Weibo. One netizen feared this issue really might turn into a "bloody case".

Fans urged Paul to "use the law to resolve the issue, please don't use force."; "Use the law to protect your family, don't use violence! If he dares to beat our idol, we don't let him go either!"; "Don't be silly! You still have a wife and daughter! Don't leave them!"; "I understand your pain, but what you could only do is to take your wife and daughter away from him. If you really do kill him, then you will have to suffer the consequences that you will regret." 

Last night, a large group of reporters waited outside of Paul and Athena's residence in Kowloon. Reporters asked the building's security, "Was there yelling in Athena's home before?" The security declined to comment. Paul and Athena did not appear or respond.

Athena's good friend Ada Choi said through her manager that she did not know about this news. If it was family related issues, she did not have any comments. 

Paul's fellow Beyond band member Yip Sai Wing expressed in a telephone interview: "I've been over to Paul's house before to send New Year greetings, but I saw his father had a great sense of humor and they seem to be on good terms. I believe it's nothing. I met his mother too, I didn't think there were any issues. He never mentioned anything to me, why did he make this public? Was there really beating going on? You could go to jail for beating, is it for film promotions?" 

Paul's on-screen partner Kay Tse from Doomsday Party said: "He's a great person. Even when we're real rushed and tired from filming, he never shows it and never let his emotions affect the filming progress. I really admire him. I've asked why he's not participating in the promotions. He said he has some things to take care of. Give him some space, I send my blessings to him."

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