Patricia Mok's response to netizen who said she was "so ugly"

29 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Local comedian and actress Patricia Mok posted a hilarious video on Monday (May 25), but did not expect the reaction from one rude netizen.

The video on her Instagram features her showing off her long legs and sultry moves as Desmond Tan is transfixed by her curves.

While everyone praised her for her sexy long legs, one netizen commented in Mandarin: "So ugly wor."

The actress then retaliated by exposing him on her page.

She posted a screenshot of his comment on her Instagram with her own caption on Tuesday:

"I have NEVER SAID I'm a pretty girl BUT thanks to this person.... I'm F**KING UGLY UNTIL HE F**KING CONFIRMED IT!"

Fans quickly jumped to her rescue.

Rachberries3 said: "Hi, i saw you once at Paragon and you look great! V fair! My mum saw you on a separate occasion n told me you look pretty too. Ignore that duckface guy ☺"

Torynia said: "He's BLIND lah.. he cannot see how PRETTY ur heart is meh!? "

Look at screenshots below or watch the video here.

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