Park Si Yeon's steamy bed scene had to be cut as it was too 'indecent'

29 September 2014 / 2 years 3 weeks ago

Noh Min Woo and Park Si Yeon's bed scene for the upcoming romantic TVChosun drama 'Greatest Wedding' was revealed to be cut because it was deemed as being too risque for the public eye.

During their production press conference held on September 22, Park Si Yeon revealed that the passionate onscreen couple had to re-film the bed scene because it was too dry.

According to allkpop, she said, "The (bed) scene was first filmed on the second day of filming. Even though there was some level of skin that was exposed, it was dry because we had just met, so we had film it again."

She added, "By the time we re-filmed the scene, we were already acquainted, so even without any skin showing, it was much more provocative (than before). In the end, the PD said, 'I think we are going to cut this part.'"

If you want to catch Park Si Yeon and Noh Min Woo's bed scene and more of the romantic love stories of four couples, 'Greatest Wedding' will be premiering the 27th.

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