Park Si-woo fires defence counsel and delays meeting with police

25 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
Actor Park Si Hoo has replaced his defence counsel, and requested that an investigation into his case be delayed.

On the afternoon of Feb 24, his new law firm, Pureumae, announced that their client would not be attending a scheduled police interrogation.

"Actor Park Si Hoo, due to circumstances, will not be going to the interrogation that had been scheduled for 7pm today,‘ said a spokesperson for the law firm.

"This afternoon, Mr.

Park Si Hoo has named us as the defense lawyers for his case.

We are planning on mounting a stronger defence than before and going on the offensive,‘ they said.

"According to the regulations behind the transfer of a prosecution case and its investigation, we have decided that this case, currently under investigation at the Gwangju Seobu Police Station, would be better served at the Gangnam Police Station.

Today, we have filed paperwork asking for a transfer,‘ they said.

"Due to the circumstances and due process surrounding the above move, our client could not attend the interrogation session scheduled for today.

We apologize and ask that people refrain from speculation,‘ Pureumae concluded.

"Park Si Hoo pledges to go forward with full and honest cooperation with the police, and this law firm will do everything in our power to defend the actor and his pride.

We will update the public on any further developments after consultation with our client.

"Before today’s sudden change, Park Si Hoo had been represented by lawyer Lee Duk Min, who had specialized in celebrity cases.
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