Park Si-hoo scandal: His former label's CEO refuses to drop lawsuit

14 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
Charges against Park Si Hoo have been dropped by trainee 'A', but his previous CEO 'C' still refuses to drop the lawsuit.

After news came out that ‘˜A’ had dropped her charges against Park Si Hoo and his hoobae, it’s now been revealed that Park Si Hoo had tried to reach a compromise with his previous CEO ‘˜C’, reported Sports Hankook.

Park Si Hoo’s lawyers contacted C’s lawyer by phone, asking to reach a compromise and drop both lawsuits against each other.

However, C’s side had other ideas as they stated, “It's true that we had a phone call with Park Si Hoo’s lawyers.

But we have no intent to end our lawsuit here.

As Park Si Hoo made it appear as if CEO ‘˜C’ had been controlling ‘˜A’, we need an official apology first.

‘Park Si Hoo had sued ‘˜C’ with false accusations, and defamation of character, and ‘˜C’ had filed a countersuit against Park Si Hoo for similar charges.

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