Park Bom breaks down in tears after being asked question about 2NE1

4 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

On the June 1 episode of SBS's 'Roommate,' the female celebrities gathered in one room for a touching heart-to-heart, which led 2NE1's Park Bom to shed some tears.

According to a report on allkpop, her good friend Nana asked her, "Who are your close friends among the singers?"

She replied to everyone's surprise, "I have none.  No one in 2NE1 has.  No one even approaches us and all the members are timid, honestly.  We are eccentrics, who go crazy over one thing.  We don't know what we should do,"

She added that she was naive and did not know the method for approaching people, which is why she might appear to not have any manners and got in trouble for that.  

The others comforted her, Lee So Ra saying that she honestly wanted to run away from the house on 'Roommate' until Park Bom arrived like an angel, which caused Park Bom to start tearing up.

She said that she had called others her angel, but had never been called an angel herself.  She cried more during her interview with the production crew later, saying that this show was an amazing and precious opportunity for her.  

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