Park Bo Young shows off her superior beauty in sexy photoshoot

14 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: K-pop FeverPark Bo Young showed off her superior beauty.Actress Park Bo Young had once again reaffirmed herself as the dream girl of all men in the movie ‘˜Werewolf Boy’ and recently she showed a sexier side of herself through her official homepage, in a series beautiful pictorial images.In the photos, Park Bo Young is seen wearing updo hairstyle and wearing a loose white dress shirt. The outfit is reminiscent of the bottomless fashion and it accentuates Park Bo Young’s slim arms and legs and at the same time it showcases her flawless skin. Her smiles are like that of an innocent girl, but she shows a contrasting fashion with a sexy bottomless outfit.Netizens commented on Park Bo Young’s photos, “I’d be the happiest man alive if I had a girlfriend like her‘, “She’s only wearing a shirt‘¦ but she’s so beautiful‘, “You’re the dream girl of all men‘, “She’s what you call a true goddess‘, “I want to keep her in my pocket! My lovely pocketgirl Park Bo Young‘, “This cold winter doesn’t feel so cold anymore. Oh gosh her killer smile!‘, “Innocence and sexiness molded into one‘, and so on.

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