Oxide Pang slams media and says they write more dramatic stories than him

13 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

At around 9pm (11 June) in Beijing, Oxide Pang (彭順) got into a vehicle to return to the hotel. He was questioned about the funeral of her mistress, Liddy Li's (李悅彤) father, Li De Ren (李德仁) upon alighting the vehicle. 

Oxide only said: "Why are you asking me again? I have no reply." When asked about him renting a house for Liddy to stay, he said: "No comments."

According to Asian E-News Portal, Oxide then walked into the hotel quickly.

Earlier when he had just reached the Hong Kong airport before transiting to Beijing, Oxide was surrounded and grilled by reporters over his extramarital affair.

Oxide initially declined to respond, but finally broke his silence when probed about his promise to Liddy to divorce Angelica, reports Asian Pop News.

“These were all written by you guys [ the media]. There is no such thing,” said the 48-year-old.

Liddy’s father was recently identified as the gunman who shot himself dead after killing his neighbour. When asked if he was aware of the death of Liddy’s father, Oxide expressed his sympathy for her.

“It’s very sad to hear about this matter. I am quite worried as it involves a life.”

Oxide said that he had not contacted Liddy and sighed that the series of events were even more dramatic than his own movies.

“It’s just too dramatic! Even my own movie is not so exciting. My movies have never made so many headlines before. From a scriptwriter’s perspective, I can understand why the news were written this way, but they are not true.”

Oxide denied that he had given a lump sum of breakup fee to Liddy, and stressed that it was a just fabricated story. Oxide also clarified that Angelica did not suffer from depression and only sought treatment at a hospital for her gastric problem.

Asked if Angelica had forgiven him, Oxide said, “You have all written it out!”

A friend of Oxide revealed that Angelica had not totally forgiven him, and Oxide will need more time to gain her trust again. After completing his work, Oxide will return to Malaysia to spend more time with Angelica.

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