Outrageous hairdos Hollywood stars had in the past

16 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Acid CowTake a look at some famous examples of the most powerful hair style of the 90's- the middle parting. It famously swept hollywood, particularly amongst the hottest tv and movie stars. Check out the gallery of these famous middle partings below. The guy from Aerosmith's "Crazy" videoTaran Noah SmithBreckin MeyerErik Von DettenMatthew Lawrence Brad PittWill Friedle thenWill Friedle nowZachery Ty BryanJames Van Der BeekJonathon BrandisNick LacheyJared LetoKeanu ReevesJohnny DeppIsaac HansonStephen DorffChris KirkpatrickRobbie WilliamsRyder StrongTaylor HansonLeonardo DicaprioJoseph Gordon-LevittDevon SawaNick CarterJonathon Taylor Thomas

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