Orange Caramel reveal why they have to 'live like beggars'

10 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Orange Caramel revealed their earnings on Mnet's 'Beatles Code 3D.'

According to All Kpop, MC Jang Dong Min asked the girls, "How do you live when you get paid every 6 months?"

Raina replied, "That's why we live like beggars. We live like we're rich for two months and then live frugally for the remaining four," making everybody laugh.

She was then asked about the first payment they received and Raina explained, "I got about 7 million won ($8,361). [Nana and Lizzy] got about 10 million won ($11,855). As we're in both Orange Caramel and After School, we get separate payments. And the individual takes [the profits] from her individual activities."

In relation to working apart from After School, the Orange Caramel members said, "It's a bit more comfortable going around separately from the unnies."

Nana explained, "We are close with and comfortable around the unnies, but seeing as how there is an age difference, we're always cautious around them."

Raina said, "I like Orange Caramel promotions better. The reason is because of favorable comments calling us cute and pretty. When promoting as After School, there are 8 members so we get buried."

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