Oops! Awkward moment when studio guest exposes magician Cyril Takayama's trick on live TV

12 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Ever popular Japanese American magcian Cyril Takayama, or also known as Sero, had no choice but to do an awkward "Ha ha ha" when his trick was exposed by a TV guest on a Japanese show.

It was also airing live.

According to Itai News via Rocketnews, Cyril was the star of a primetime special broadcast July 29 on Fuji TV, entitled Magic New Century: Cyril.

He makes an impressive entrance, hovering in mid-air on a board while everyone gasps in awe -- all except 19-year-old Japanese studio guest Airi Taira who yelled:

“I’ve seen this trick before on another TV show!

"His hand is stuck to the car, and it’s a fake hand, and there’s a bar from the car that’s attached to him!”

At 1:52, you can hear Cyril's embarrassed laughter.

However, he is not a famed illusionist that would be put down by a few comments.

Cyril gamely took off his jacket and allowed the host to "check" his arm, who then concluded that it was a "real arm".

However, when the host asked to check inside the car, Cyril decided it was time to wrap up the segment, stepping in front of him and explaining that hoverboard magic is the secret of the trick.

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