Old man dies after Indonesian actor 'runs into him with his Ducati'

30 June 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Veteran Indonesian actor Ari Wibowo has found himself embroiled in a cloud of controversy after he was involved in an accident while riding his Ducati superbike.According to a report on the Jakarta Globe, the 43-year-old actor, who is of mixed parentage, had knocked down an 80-year-old road sweeper with his two-wheeler in South Jarkarta on Jun 10.The elderly man, known only as Carmadi, died in a hospital two days later.Initially, reports claimed that Wibowo was charged with negligence due to his part in the accident but that has since been rubbished by the Jakarta police.The head of the Jakarta police's Traffic Corps Law Enforcement Unit, Adj. Commander Hindarsono, told the media: "Ari Wibowo was the victim. He was not a suspect."The CCTV footage shows the victim [Carmadi] was running toward Ari Wibowo’s motorbike. We finally have clarity as to who was right and who was wrong."Ari has also broken the silence over this issue, when he revealed that this was his first accident, and that Carmadi's family told him that the victim was hearing- and vision-imparied, which made him more of a liability on the road.Recounting the accident, Ari said: "“I was about to turn right onto a one way street. Suddenly, I saw someone was about to cross the street. I sounded my horn at him, but he did, not seem to hear."I braked, but I could not avoid him.‘He also said that he was co-operating with the police, and took the opportunity to dismiss accusations that he was attempting to influence the outcome of the investigations by picking up Carmedi's medical expenses incurred at the hospital.“Don’t twist it as if it is bribery. I want to be responsible for what happened", he said.

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