One Direction fan 'marries' Harry Styles in extravagant cardboard cutout wedding

26 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

A girls obsession with Harry Styles went overboard when she decided to marry a cardboard cutout of the singer.

According to The Chive, the girl bought herself a ring, proposed to herself and even staged an actual wedding ceremony with friends gathered as witnesses.

However, the details of the 'wedding' are still unknown at this point and some even say that it might just be a joke.

Even if it's a hoax, it seems like there's too much effort put into the staging the 'wedding'.

Do you think she is just a fan obsessed with Harry Styles or do you think its a hoax?

Check out the gallery below to view the 'wedding ceremony' and also browse through the gallery to view other One Direction members and a woman who's obsessed with Andy Lau. 

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