No chance for JJ Lin: Hebe Tien getting back together with former lover?

25 October 2013 / 3 years 23 hours ago

S.H.E. member Hebe Tien (田馥甄) and entertainment manager Zhong Ruohan (鍾若涵), who have previously been suspected of being in a lesbian romance, were recently spotted house hunting together.

Although it was rumored that the two had split up, the media suspects that they have made up and are planning to settle down in Hebe’s new house, reports an article on Jayne Stars.

According to Taiwanese news reports, Hebe and Ruohan met up on the evening of September 1 and drove to a newly constructed residence, where they spent more than an hour together.

A neighbor claimed that the two had been witnessed entering the house together many times. Rumor has it that Hebe will move in to her new house next year, and that Ruohan will join her.

Ruohan, who is currently the manager of Taiwanese pop singer A-Mei Chang (張惠妹), was rumored to have been in a relationship with Hebe for six years. The two were photographed behaving intimately during dates to the movies and night markets.

Neither admitted officially to the relationship, and after the breakup, Hebe was said to have briefly dated her manager and ex-assistant, Liao Huicheng (廖慧呈), though she continued to dodge questions about her ambiguous love life and sexual orientation.

The romance between Hebe and Ruohan appears to have been rekindled during August, when Hebe was making near-weekly trips to mainland China in order to perform.

At the time, Ruohan was also in mainland China, accompanying A-Mei as the latter filmed the second season of the talent show, The Voice of China <中國好聲音>.

Fans have been quick to send Hebe their blessings and hope that she will join the other two S.H.E members in attaining a happy-ever-after ending.

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